• Shipping
  • “In Stock” means they're either sitting on a shelf, ready to ship, or components are in stock and will be built to order. Unless otherwise noted, your item will usually ship within one to three business days (please allow five days for cables, though we usually ship within a day or two), and sometimes the same day. You will receive a notification when the item ships, along with tracking information if applicable. If for some reason we can not meet this, for example if an item fails final QA testing, you will be contacted with an updated ship date and may cancel the order for a complete refund if you wish.

    If an item is listed as "Pre-Order", you may still purchase it, however it will obviously not ship until it's ready. It's our general policy not to take money for items not in stock, generate artificial wait lists or other such nonsense, so I encourage you NOT to pre-order. Please just send us an e-mail and let us know you want one. We will let you know when it's back in stock, I promise! We generally like to keep products in stock and we like to ship fast whether you pre-order or not, but some customers prefer to simply purchase when they think of it and then wait, so this option is here for them.

  • Warranty Info
  • Your product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    What Is Covered

    Our warranty policy is simple - if it breaks, we will fix it or replace it, at our discretion.

    What is not covered

    Abuse or intentional destruction

    How to obtain service

    Please contact us first! If you need to send it back for service, we'll send you instructions. In most cases, shipping back to you is free.

    What happens if my product has been discontinued

    We make every effort to maintain a small stock of any custom parts for our discontinued items, but in the very unlikely event that the product simply can not be repaired, we will contact you and try to find a replacement from our current product lineup.

    I bought it used...is it covered?

    Yes. Our warranty is transferable. There is no registration or procedure required to maintain or activate any JColoccia Guitars warranty.

  • Return Policy
  • Unless otherwise noted, you may return any product within 7 days. The product must be in new condition. You must contact us before returning the product...please don't just mail it to us.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Our privacy policy is very simple. We do not intentionally collect, use, sell, or otherwise compromise your personal information except to the extent required to process your orders and provide services. We process most of our orders through PayPal as we feel this is the most secure method, and it also completely insulates your financial data from JColoccia Guitars. Frankly, it's none of our business, and there's no reason for us to have it.

    That said, we are not perfect and there are hackers out there that are constantly trying to get to your data. We do our best to protect your data, but things like mail servers can potentially be hacked, so please do not send information like credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc via e-mail. Also, please be aware that we use 3rd party services that can also potentially be compromised (Paypal, United States Postal Service, etc).

    From time to time, we may have product announcements or newsletters that we'd like to share with our customers. You must subscribe to these or you will not receive them. For this reason, we recommend you simply follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Where are your products made?
  • Instead of trying to attach some label, I'll simply explain our process and what we use. In any case, products such as cables and pedals are hand built in our shop, located in Connecticut.


    Cables use G&H connectors, which are made in the USA. Mogami cable is made in Japan.


    We use genuine Hammond enclosures, made in Taiwan. They are drilled, powder coated and printed in the USA. The Switchcraft jacks are made in the USA. The bare circuit boards are made in the USA and then populated/soldered by hand in our shop. New designs moving forward use USA made Davies knobs, but some older designs will continue to use import knobs until the designs are "refreshed" (if you're interested, you can always just e-mail and ask which is which). Things like switches, pots, electrical components etc are predominantly made in China and Taiwan.

  • Misc
  • So, you're JColoccia Guitars...where are the guitars?

    John's taken a temporary break from guitar building to free up some time for two new additions to the family - beautiful twin girls.