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The id is a low to medium gain overdrive and boost.

Used as a boost, it does an excellent job of pushing your amp or other pedals up a notch without mangling your basic tone.

Use it on it's own for some clean tone shaping, that amp on the edge of breakup sound, or drive it harder for a silky smooth overdrive that can be tweaked to fit into a wide range of contexts.

The Mid control is not your standard mid range shaping. This is an active midrange control that has been very carefully voiced to boost or cut those frequencies that really defines the personality of your guitar. Don't expect wild tone shaping or that classic mid-range "hump" sound from here. Instead it's designed as a secret weapon for gently massaging your tone to get it just right. Bring clarity to humbuckers, fatten up single coils or just twist it until it sounds good and sits exactly how it needs to sit. It stays musical and natural feeling throughout its entire range, so don't be afraid to twist hard and explore.

The "custom" option changes the character of the overdrive to be more dynamic and perhaps a little more amp-like. It is slightly lower gain and a little bit louder overall, with a very slightly emphasized midrange. The overdrive itself has a little grit to it, in contrast to the very smooth drive of the standard. This was developped through a collaboration with a customer who loves riding his guitar's volume knob for different textures and also needed something a bit more aggressive to find his right place in the mix. He thinks what we ended up with is something special, and we agreed! We're pleased to now offer it as a standard option. IT MAY ADD A COUPLE OF DAYS TO THE BUILD TIME simply because they're not stocked and are generally built to order. If you have any doubts which you like better, order the standard. We can also modify your existing Id to add or remove the custom option for a very reasonable price.

The Standard and Custom compliment each other and also stack amazingly well. It's become popular to order both so we now offer a discount for the twins. Buy both for just $299.

Unleash your guitar's id!


Volume - output volume

Gain - overdrive level, all the way off is clean

Bass - bass content of the overdrive section

Mid - active mid control, 12:00 is flat response

Treble - post gain Treble cut

Voice switch - adjusts overall EQ and gain curve of the overdrive. Center position is normal. Left and right are progressively brighter and more aggressive


True Bypass switching

Quality, Switchcraft jacks

Standard DC input jack, 9V-18V

Includes Duracell Procell 9V battery

Lifetime Warranty - see FAQ for details

Hand built in USA